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Laws of Existence

Everything in the world comes to an end. This law applies to every living or non living object, situations, processes, systems etc. Nothing survives this law.

While the law appears draconian by nature when seen from its propensity to terminate things, the beauty of the same cannot be ignored as it also brings down curtains on unpleasantness (that too has to end).

The same law taken further puts another law into motion and which is “life is dynamic..Everything is in a state of flux…moving or changing always”. Since everything has to begin and then end, the law of constant change is the natural consequence of the first law.

These two laws put together create one more law and that is “nothing can be perfect in nature as it is changing always and dying away”. So life around us always exists in imperfection and so do we see a world which is a curious mix of good and the bad.

Finally all these laws put together create a dichotomy which puts a man’s restless (infinite) nature into conflict with the finite physical surrounding around it.
At a normal level of existence, we humans constantly struggle to understand the logic or lack of it in the situations and people around us, not realizing the operations of the above mentioned laws.

Navin Batta
Muscat, Oman

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