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Sab Maya Hai...

I take this opportunity to attempt an explanation of the world around us using the concept of Maya as advocated in our ancient scriptures. It goes like this-

Everything around is a manifestation of Human mind. This means that all the evil and the good we see around us are nothing more than a reflection of collective wisdom of Human Mind. In the words of Swami Vivekananda, “Happiness” and “Misery” exist in the ratio of 50:50 on this planet. Effectively, which implies that the maximum value that can be covered by any of the said elements i.e Happiness and Misery, cannot exceed one half on this earth. If we put together both the halves, it will add to a sum of "one" which is nothing but a signifier of unity. If one ponders over this equation it would lead to an understanding why no utopia ever existed or will ever exist on this earth. To maintain Maya, the cosmic forces have created this ever happening process of push and pull strategy. It also explains us the phenomenon that despite all advancements made to make life comfortable; adversities keep cropping up every now and then to balance the sum game. For everything good we hear a proportionate amount of bad news keep coming up to counterbalance the same.

This understanding also explains the universal laws of Dualism (which simply implies that there are two moral opposites at work) and Newton’s laws of motion. It would help us to understand why the evolved soul detaches himself from the pleasures of this world and focuses on the divine energy which is always in a state of nothingness and bliss. The sum game here is zero. Nothing to balance.

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