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Suneela Bhalla : BAK BAK 24*7



The Nineties ushered a revolution in Indian homes when Private TV channels were launched in India. Whereas life previously revolved around the weekly Chitrahaar, Movie and the odd sitcoms like Humlog which only depicted the travails of middle-class life, private television channels opened up a new vista of entertainment for India. The bigger players soon realized that News round the clock was where the actual viewership was, likewise the viewer was thrilled to bits that news was no longer a boring affair with desperate ageing newsreaders flashing a bit of decolletage.
24*7 news channels started off on a good note where the news and the newsreaders were more viewer-friendly and the best part was the use of Hindi interspersed with English which was an excellent idea as that is the language we speak and hear more than "shuddha Hindi". The viewer also got more news than just that of “sarkari functions” which was more than welcome.
When there were only a few channels like Star, NDTV and Aaj-tak, the content was reasonably good and the middle-class viewer was hooked to news 24*7 and considered himself a notch above those who watched "saas- bahu serials".
I think the "BAK BAK 24*7" began when too many players jumped onto the 24*7 news bandwagon. In a bid to out-do each other and increase viewership, they began to transcend the borders of hard-core news and religion, yoga, health issues and most of all,tittilating and horrifying the viewer became the basis of news programmes.
There was a phase when the news channels seemed to be in the bedrooms and living-rooms of everyone who had a family dispute and they played judge and a certain class of viewers was fixated with trying to solve the personal problems of complete strangers.
Today there are an endless number of news channels in English, Hindi and the regional languages. The viewer can take his pick from entertainment, mysticism, actual news or BAK-BAK! However, the Bak- bak too has its pros and cons, the pros being that now lady who does the dishes too is able to and wants to express her opinion on a wide variety of topics from the Ram janmabhoomi dispute to Rakhi Sawant’s latest antics! The cons are far too many to list, my latest grudge being that around festival time all the news channels start airing news items on rotten and adulterated” mawa “ and sweets which put s me off sweets for a while. Some news channels can be credited with gifting society with Godmen of all kinds and I have a feeling that a percentage of their income is routed back to these news channels to fund the Breaking News!
All said and done, 24*7 news channels employ a large work force which in turn is helping the economy.The sales of news-papers haven’t been affected and the “aam admi” is more news savy. The various channels cater to the needs and instincts of the masses and those in need of hardcore news and views can read The Hindu!

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