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Mera Desh Mahan

This sounds like the most hollow slogan ever, sadly for us Indians at the moment.
Separatist movements are forcing the
government on a back-foot in several states . The Indian army is forced to fight the enemy within,and also appear to be the villain in the piece.
The UPA Government has run out of excuses to explain the run-away prices, droughts, floods, fluctuating international crude prices - all possible excuses but no respite for the "aam aadmi".
The icing on the cake is the Commomwealth Games scandal which has hit the international headlines.there are those who blatantly defend whatever hanky -panky is going on, the two faces that come to mind are Sheila Dixit and Suresh Kalmadi.
for those in cahoots with the government agencies it certainly is Mera desh Mahan!

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