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No Honking Please

The traffic in Bhopal moves very much like the traffic in small cities. Each motorist is a law unto himself and can drive WHEREVER he fancies. In the older part of the city, however, they pretty much follow the rule of driving on the right side of the road, so one is forced to follow that rule as soon as one crosses the Bhopal Municipal office.
Those riding two-wheelers are truly blessed as they can manouvre themselves into the narrowest of passages, all the while cursing the four-wheeler drivers. Even if they ride a two-wheeler, the riders like to sound important as they generally have horns fitted on their two-wheelers.
Honking is a malaise which is to be found across the board for all vehicles. Merely the sight of a vehicle even 50 mts ahead can set off honking, overtaking (from the wrong side, mind you) also entails shrieking horns to scare the motorist ahead into oblivion and the craziest is the frantic honking that goes on at a red traffic signal. The incessant honking at a traffic signal is done as a holy ritual.
C'mon folks, grow up!

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