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The British have left behind a legacy of a strong administrative and judicial arms fo the Indian government. However, it seems that these two arms work by and for themselves. The rules and the system become defunct whenever they are most required. The media is busy digging up skeletons from the cupboards of various politicians and well-known personalities but the rigmarole of enquiry agencies ensures that the cases are "white-washed" and the public at large, confused. One scam ensures others that can encompass the aggrieved party as well. After a while it starts to look like a pie-throwing scene from an old western only it is not funny at all but the motive is to get everyone involved.
On the other hand, if anything goes missing from the homes or offices of these worthies, woe-betide the employees. They are thrashed,killed or just disappear depnding on the muscle-power of the employer.
Even people like me who are aware of the Class Concious Justice being meted out are wary of speaking out. Why do we develop a mob mentality only when a pick-pocket is caught and not when it really matters?

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