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Only Oasis I Love, to Believe

Through the curtains of smoke, I caught his expression
To stand by me or to just be a bystander, is his dialemma

A stranger in my life, yet one who made me smile about myself
Wonders happen, feelings happen and we exist, and so we exist

Like life in a dilapidated house, like a single morsal of ambrosia in poison potion
He came from nowhere and defined himself everywhere, how could it happen?

But when it happens, no one knows, not even him, not even me. It happens. It happened

The gravest truth about this relation is, it will remain in the grave. So alive and beautiful.
And this flamboyant fiction is stranger than any other truth in my life
All I remember is the fable of a sad princess who finally smiled in her life, :) !

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Dr. Radhika Jonnalagedda


Andhra Pradesh ,  INDIA

For you: Unleash yourself, cleanse yourself and this is better done after you transport yourself and dance in unison with the harmonic tunes of your creative prowess.
 As a kid, the first thing that came to my mind after  I woke up was to write, express and explore...myself, my mind and its supreme captain, my soul.

Li'l about me: Research fascinates me so much so that I it has become the nucleus of my career, informal research about vagaries of human behavior :) will go as long as my cognitive processes cease to operate, let them go on. Touch wood !! :)

Sorry about the Bday info, it bugged me and I 'bug'ged it !!

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