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Journey of Hope To Just be.

The roof above me ceases and I see the emergence of a planetarium of star-studded expressions and words. Performing to the astral tunes of freedom.
The romance between mind and heart to delicately balance the blind-walk to trust the illustrious intuition, is a feast to the eye. The inner-eye.
Did I witness this unique romance to escape a battle against nuggets and pieces of scattered life around me? Or is this an evergreen parallel world? A dream like reality within? A vision? Or a delusion? Unexplored so far.
Why would I allow any trespassers to judge that fragile, sacramental jewel of innocence in me? It all belongs to me and is indeed my ambrosial reality.
I then see sparkles of light with adhoc flashes here and there. A symbolism to my seemingly unconnected present and future, that arose from an acme of being berserk of hope to 'be'. Just be.
A ridiculous lie, for now, a lie that I wish to believe about a change that I was and I am always meant to be...
A light appeared from nowhere, a ray of hope heading towards a vision, a deep goal and a hope, for which a life is worth dying, a life is worth living, to its fullest.
Will it be? And a devilish smile struck my lips and my eyes.

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Dr. Radhika Jonnalagedda


Andhra Pradesh ,  INDIA

For you: Unleash yourself, cleanse yourself and this is better done after you transport yourself and dance in unison with the harmonic tunes of your creative prowess.
 As a kid, the first thing that came to my mind after  I woke up was to write, express and explore...myself, my mind and its supreme captain, my soul.

Li'l about me: Research fascinates me so much so that I it has become the nucleus of my career, informal research about vagaries of human behavior :) will go as long as my cognitive processes cease to operate, let them go on. Touch wood !! :)

Sorry about the Bday info, it bugged me and I 'bug'ged it !!

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