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During his president ship,Mr.Abdul Kalam visited to Palampur,Himachal Pradesh.During his conferences in CSIR he asked a question to the students present there.He asked that how many of you wants to come in politics.A boy stands up and said that he wants to join politics.He showed his wallet,than he said that he dosn't have the photo of his parents or his beloved,but have a simple picture of Mr.Atal Bihari vajpayee,the former prime minister of India.Everyone present there was surprised with this and everyone gave a big applaud to him.This was covered by all the local newspapers and published in next day's newspaper.

I was very small at that time.There was a dream in me that one day I will also join politics and will serve my country.When I read this,the zeal for politics became more stronger.But with the passage of time as I started to understand this world,reality became more hard for me.The recent news gave the last slap on that dream.

On 16 December humanity was tremble with the heart breaking incident.On that day womanhood was brutally crushed by some beasts of our society. A girl was raped in a moving bus till death.Whole nation was stunned with this act and everyone thought that how a man can become much cheap than animal.Nation came together and cried for changes in law so that these kind of incidents never happen again.But it was a measry that our politicians did nothing when they required to sympathies the country.Our nation shouted,cried,but deaf politicians denied to even came in front of public.

In January Pakistani army personnel attacked on Indian army men and cut of the heads of two martyrs. It was so shocking for the whole nation that our politicians didn't even try to strictly ask for heads of martyrs.when army General Mr.V.K.Singh made his strict statements on Pakistan,our politicians advise him to calm and not to pass any statement on Pakistan's army.It was so surprise for us that our politicians are not showing any strict action to the neighbor country,and the person who is showing protest for this inhuman act,they are advising him to keep quite.

Here I am quoting only two examples which are enough to show the attitude of our politicians.When I read these incidents my mind suddenly asked many question from our politicians.Is this the real cause that we are electing you?Is this the real representation you are doing to your people?Our politicians are really going good to in there way.They only know how to make money and how to give meaningless excuses on these kind of burning issues.they are rally good on making public fool in the name of law and duties.

In this age of maturity when I was dreaming to become a good politician for my nation,the politicians showed how ugly this pond is.When a revolution was required in our society,our men came together and protest again the evil contents.but still on that point also our politics made their bread on these burning revolutions. How can these politicians become so habitual to make a dark circle of meaningless statement for the citizens,is a issue to think.Why don't they understand that we don't want there useless sympathy after the the terrible incidents,we want strict actions so that these things could not repeat again

It was my dream to become a leader for my people,but now i am rethinking on my decision.Does politics really worth honest and loyal people who wants to serve the nation in true meaning or is it only become a place for cunning,fraud and lire people.I am not saying that every politician is same but when the highlighted politicians are showing such ignorance towards nation than who will give the guarantee of there followers. Because of these leaders our country become so orthodox that you can be arrested to express the truth,but there is no forceful boundation to stop the rape,murder or any other crime.

If these kind of examples will be set by our politicians than how new blood will become influenced to clean the image of politics.In today era no one wants to spoil there image by joining politics and still politicians are busy in there own world.They don't care about the real cause that why they are elected to that chair.They are talking about the big revolutions in society but when society raise there voice against the evil,they wait till the voice become silent and than started to cover there selfishness in the name of law and regulations.

Is it really possible that one day our politics will overcome from selfishness and narrow thoughts?It is a request of whole nation that please don't do so tricky politics.Nation needs you when any mishap happened in society. If you will all do your duty under the oath you have taken during time of elections,you will not need to beg votes for your campaigns. If you will do genuine cause,it will make you wealthy with great moral character.That time young blood will not think for second time to join politics and our dreams will not shattered to become politicians.

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