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"People from north India only bring crime and disease to the state....."I was stunned after heard his statement which was broadcasted in the leading news channels.A man was in white dress,was standing on the dice and was speaking in Marathi.He was Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena chief Raj Shrikant Thackeray.

According to him every day 48 trains carrying people from Bihar,Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh which only increases crime rate in the state.After raising his word's sword on north Indians he not even spare jains and marwaries.Not only the laborer class Mr Raj Thackeray dos'nt spare renounced person from north India.

Really he hates these people so much,but can he tell that how many of laborers were from north India when his home or his office or tallest building of Mumbai was under construction.when his Maharashtra was on the way of nirman that time labor class from whole India gave their life to construct the dream city but may be now the the city only belongs to the Marathi's.

A teacher never said that he will only teach his sect's children,a doctor never said that he will only treat his family,a soldier never said that he will only protect his boundaries than how can a politician can say such words who all time claims that he is the real well wisher of the society.Our politics become so dark that may be our politician lost their soul in it and only works for their self means

In 19 October 2008 Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena followers attacked on north Indians who were in the examination center for railway recruitment board,His party and Shiv Sena banned Australian cricketers participating in IPL 3 from playing in Mumbai as a protest against the attack on Indian students down under,He also protest against the Pakistan's singers to take part in a live show sur sangram,he issued a public warning to use only Marathi sign board for their shops,his remarks on chaatt puja are well known by every one of us.these are only some of acts he done for the the protection of the tradition of his Maharashtra

It is the Indian constitution who gives the fundamental right to all the citizens to resides,travel and visit any part of our country.than how can Mr raj Thackeray restrain the people to enter into his state.If every politician claims that he is the servant of public and all his acts are for the well fare of the society than how can he ignore the supreme law of land which gives guidelines to the politician.Constitution is the basic stone of our political system and our politicians exceeds their powers beyond it.

If Mr raj Thackeray really wants to protect his state than he should take strict steps to check the increasing rate of crime in the sate,for the greatest slums of world where not only north Indians resides but also his Maharashtrians also struggling with life.If Mr raj Thackeray will really care for all these causes than his slogan will be not only for his Maharashtra but for whole nation.Than he will not hate any state of his country and people.He will than trully raise his voice for BHARAT NAV NIRMAN SENA!!!!.

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Himachal Pradesh ,  INDIA

Hi,Im Sheepali Patial.Girl from the lap of mountains, Himachal Pradesh, and presently struggling in hot climate of Delhi ;-) I m a corporate legal associate and working in Global Corporate Advisory.

I like reading,cooking,gardening,dance,music and i also like to make some creative things from waste and raw material,idea behind that a new life can only breath when old sheds its grace on it.

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