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I am alone...

Why I am alone this time..
Why my soul is in pain..
My words,my tears are speaking for me..
Why I am hurting my joys..
Why am not happy..
Is this the expectations every time that hurts..
Or sometime love,joy thats kills..
Why they dnt undestand its hurts me..
Why they dnt see am human being..
Who can not smile,but cry also..
If am loving,caring for them,then why they dnt..
Where are those people,my soul crave for them..
Where are those friends,am thinking of..
Why evrytime its me who stand alone on the shore..
And evryone destroy my home..
But after few minutes I will be happy,I will smile because I am alone...

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Sheepali Patial


Himachal Pradesh ,  INDIA

Hi,Im Sheepali Patial.Girl from the lap of mountains, Himachal Pradesh, and presently struggling in hot climate of Delhi ;-) I m a corporate legal associate and working in Global Corporate Advisory.

I like reading,cooking,gardening,dance,music and i also like to make some creative things from waste and raw material,idea behind that a new life can only breath when old sheds its grace on it.

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