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Take me in your arms maa

Maa i can't tell all these things to anyone..
I know you are always there to listen me..
I am only a small child..and you told not to talk about these things to anyone..
I remember..
You always told me to wear only full length cloths..
But that day I was in my school uniform maa..
You instruct me not to talk with any stranger..
But he was only my uncle maa..
You told me only to follow daily road to school..
But I only went to the shop to buy a pen maa..
You never left me alone even in the house..
But that day i shouted hard,but you were not there maa..
I don't know why uncle sent her daughter inside..
And called me in maa..
He did something and don't know why I was in pain maa..
Then uncle gave me a gift and 100 rupees..
But I promised I didn't take that and return to school maa..
And now I am in hospital and can't understand why police uncle is here..
These medicines are taste bad and my stomach is still paining maa..
We are poor and you are still buying expensive fruits for me..
But I don't want you buy more medicines for me maa..
I only want you to be with me in future whenever I will shout like this..
I am not impure and did nothing,but now just take me in your arms maa..

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Sheepali Patial


Himachal Pradesh ,  INDIA

Hi,Im Sheepali Patial.Girl from the lap of mountains, Himachal Pradesh, and presently struggling in hot climate of Delhi ;-) I m a corporate legal associate and working in Global Corporate Advisory.

I like reading,cooking,gardening,dance,music and i also like to make some creative things from waste and raw material,idea behind that a new life can only breath when old sheds its grace on it.

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