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"I was deeply offended",when i came to across to a headline-"a woman burnt every hour"...!!This headline is not from a 70's-80's newspaper ,this headline is from a very famous newspaper.They are killed for what??not for bringing enough dowry!! Ah..!!I don't believe this that, still these kind of evils are alive on this earth,where technologies are upgrading day by day,world is moving faster and faster..there you see these kinds of evils.Moreover in India,where people believe that "A woman is a goddess ".According to data of national crime record bureau(NCRB) there were 900(approx) reported cases of dowry death in 2012.If we delve into the past we will came to know that dowry death are just half of this death rate.The reason why these have not been eradicated is because it has gone into the system and culture of our society.Indian culture and customs notoriously packs more evils especially against women,yet we pride to believe them blindly.Many a times,the name dowry is not used,but all the same still finds a place in a marriage,by the name of customs and traditions. Nowadays dowry has become a bribe to keep the bribe's body and soul together.A women is a mere conduit to a "good dowry".
A woman ,who is a care taker of a house,a mother,a daughter,a sister is the sole victim when these kinds of crime took place in our society.On one side,women are weighed as goddesses and on other side they are murdered,killed,raped, manhandled,abducted!!Are we living in disguise??Hundred's of cases are still pending and some are on the urge of their closing.The question is what our "respected" politicians,"social servant" police and "watchdog" media is doing??
All in all,the fact is that they are still burnt!I don't understand why we are accepting this insult?Are we -Indians enjoy to have these kind of evils in our society?It has just become a meaty topic for discussion!


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