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We are the Family..

I was born and brought up in Assam. Did my studies in different places in Assam , Tamil Nadu and Delhi. After my voluntary retirement as a Professor from Assam Engineering College, Guwahati, I have worked as Principal/Director of few engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan… During all these years as a student and a teacher, I have met people/students from different back grounds and have found much commonality amongst all of us.

Facebook has made it possible to get connected with people across the globe to share our views. People post inspiring quotes, jokes, personal experiences, socio-political views and much more. It has been always an enriching experience for me in the Facebook.

Recently, I posted one of my personal experiences regarding a phone call to my mother emphasizing the importance of keeping in touch with parents through such calls. It was purely personal experience but shared it on the Facebook with my friends. Many appreciated it, some were really touched. One of them shared it with his son who had recently left home for Canada for higher studies. His son called him back... it was a kind of BIRTHDAY GIFT !! Another friend called his parents the next morning and shared his feelings openly in the Facebook…My!! Did I not cry after being touched by such emotional posts as feed back to my post?

To my pleasant surprise, I received a notification in Facebook telling me that someone had shared my post on the telephone call to many of his friends... I personally do not know any of them, not even the person who shared my post…

All these happenings have been reminding me again and again that we share same emotions, same feelings as fellow human beings. We have same desires, same longings in hour hearts. We belong to the same family… WE ARE THE FAMILY!!

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Dr Makhan Lal Das


Rajasthan ,  INDIA

A Chemical engineer.. working as the Principal of an engineering college..I am not a writer, poet , critic, etc etc..Just try to share my thoughts..
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