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एक दस्तक ममता की दर पे

नन्हा सा बच्चा था
छोटी छोटी ख्वाहिसे थी
गोद में बैठकर चाँद को बुलाने की बात
बर्फीली रातों में, लोरियों की आगोश में
सो जाने की बात --

काश सुन लेते तो

आज देर हो चुकी है बहुत
बक्त भी बदल चुकी है करवट
लाख कोशिश भी करो
नहीं आयेगा वोः
आँचल जितना भी फैलाओ काम ही पडेगा

सब्र जितना भी रखो
उसकी बेसब्री निगल जाएगी

क्यों की कल वह इंसान का बच्चा था
आज बनगया है शहनशाह हैबानो का

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Kalyani Manna

Home Maker/Housewife

Orissa ,  INDIA

I became a housewife even before I became a major. By that time I had only completed my Pre-University & was in the Ist year. Marriage put a stop to my academic career & when I again wanted to résumé my studies the system had already been changed. So I had to appear privately for my I.A degree followed by a five year lull. By the time I took admission in the B.A classes I had become a mother with two kids. But by the grace of God Almighty, I passed with distinction in Philosophy. Then again after a gap of seven years & after Rashmi’s birth I took admission in M.A classes to study English literature.


I also sing & had play- backed for several dramas, staged in our home town, Puri. I love to read, listen to old Hindi film songs & ghazals. I write poetry in Odiya, Hindi & English. I believe that most of the violence & turmoils that are happening all around us are due to our petty selfishness & intolerance. Our youth are in need of solace & must be given a patient hearing to their grievances, both real & imaginary.


I have strong faith in God & in His doings. I see His hands behind everything that happens to me. Him with me I fear nothing.









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