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As I sit and think through the gloomy window, my definitions and ways of looking at issues, beyond its meaning has got reasons. Time and again I am reminded, wish I were something else, carrying some terribly terrible visions of joy, happiness within. Probably, the issues, the consequences would have been so different. How I would have described it, may be utopia in a dystopian world. The 'true' sources are making me realize the very essence of everything. I was unaware until yesterday or may be today, the very cruciality of friendship, relationships. What I would say today, they are delicate, in fact very delicate. Don't you dare handling them with a urge for torture. The very idea of everyday excitement , tides has always dominated the blue hues. These hues howl too, perhaps in the obscurity. There will be fights, may be forever because the world has been reduced to inconspicuous visibility. Now, let me ponder again into the words of invisibility.

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