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I already want to go back to that magic some day. Everything is still prominent in my mind. 28th Dec “2007” once happened to be the happiest day of my life. It is worthy to be remembered the unique experience of representating Assam in the National Children’s Science Congress “2007” held at VIIT in the state of Maharastra. It was just a dream come true which is genuinely an inexplicable experience to ween. I’m glad that NCSTC network provided me the platform to fulfill my long time desire of meeting the most admirable person of mine who is none other than our ex- president Dr A .P .J Abdul Kalam. That moment of joy when Dr Kalam inaugurated the session is still bright in my memory diary . Realization that you have that person infront of u, just rapturous . It seems like yesterday, but it passed 5 years. Some memories are so inseparable that we want to think about it over and over again. Heartful thanks to NCSC for furnishing me with such great opportunity. Could not wait anymore to share my happiness,so just a little something I jotted down. Long live NCSC.

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