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What makes me happy? When I was a kid, I loved going to school but sometimes an unexpected holiday would make me happy. Scoring highest marks would make me happy. Playing with my friends would make me happy. Jumping and dancing in the rain with my sister would make me happy. Going out on weekends with my family would make me happy. Getting the doll I had always wanted on my birthday would make me happy. Festivals brought in exceptionally big amounts of happiness with them… holidays, new outfits and a lot of sweets. All in all happiness for me back then was just limited to material needs & getting what I wanted. As I’ve grown older, my busy & chaotic lifestyle distinctly changed my perspective of “happiness”. Now I feel happy reminiscing on childhood & teenage memories. Catching up with friends makes me happy. Connecting with old long lost friends on social sites makes me happy. Being appreciated for my work makes me happy. I feel happy when my scattered family reunites at least once in a few months. I’m no saint, but whenever I do something for others it makes me happy. I love traveling, cooking, reading & writing, so whenever I get a chance to do what I like, I feel happy. I have everything in my life, a loving family, a nice job, few but good friends, all necessary amenities; there’s no reason to be sad, but sometimes, observing some people around me, a strange feeling deep down in the heart makes me wonder what happiness is all about.

Apparently, people have their own versions of Happiness. For some people, happiness comes with money. Well, isn’t it commonly said that money is the root of all evil??? I’ve come across a lot of people who feel emotionally high by spending a fortune on lavish stuff like, i-Phones, i-Pads, i-Pods, convertible cars, high speed bikes, palatial houses and the likes. However, it doesn’t stop here as these things might make people happy but not contented, as soon as new & updated stuff is launched in the market, the process continues. On the other hand, there are people who struggle to make ends meet but find happiness in what minimal stuff they have to keep them alive & going. Yet, there is something missing in their life. Question is, if money could buy happiness then why are some of the richest people not pleased with what they have? Being multi – billionaires, why do they still struggle to earn more? Why does the richest Indian entrepreneur have rivalry with his own younger brother when they can be at peace & work together “happily”?

For the nature lovers, happiness is in the lap of nature. The chirping of birds, whistling winds, fresh air, and earthy aroma is all what they long for. Some people party hard to ease out the stress in life while some spiritual people find peace & solace in praying & meditation. Strangely, the Gen-next has a very unusual outlook towards happiness. They get a weird kind of kick in life by attempting dangerous acts like racing cars or bikes, jumping off the cliffs or even getting their body pierced. Risking their life only to experience that momentary feeling of bliss is only because they love the thrill of danger.

There are also people who, inspite of earning good yearn for happiness; they have all the luxuries in life but are not satisfied; have had a great holiday but are still stressed & tired. This is perhaps because they feel hollow inside. There is emptiness within us, which we try to fill in with bits and pieces. Very aptly said by someone, “Happiness is not something that we postpone for the future, its something we design for the present”.

After speculating & analyzing a lot of people around me, I realized that Happiness is momentary. It is nothing but a blissful state of mind which is there for a moment & gone the next, an undying quest of life… an insatiable hunger of human life. Happiness is what we all crave for. Every individual is in the Pursuit of Happiness and the chase never ends.

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I believe words are mightier than a sword. So i try to pen down my thoughts.

With a zest in life, I am chasing my dream of becoming “rich & famous” by using my creative & artistic skills.


“The woods are lovely, dark & deep. But I have promises to keep…… and miles to go before I sleep”

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