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When the days are dark and the nights are long,
You feel stuck somewhere, waiting for a new dawn,
Times pitch in when you feel not so strong,
Chill and realize that this is not the zone where you belong.

Those sleepless nights which keep you awake,
The weirdest of thoughts that make your body shake,
Polished Man out of a naive boy they make.
All you need to realize is that you need just one break.

The most successful men or the small bees building hives,
All at some point have wondered ‘What the hell are they doing with their lives’
Life’s been good so far and it always will be,
Just chant these words and set yourself free.

Think of one and you’ll find umpteen ways,
Never regret – You have thousands of days.
If you don’t see the low, how would you treasure the high,
Eyes get moist but then in a moment they dry.

Life is like that pretty, chirpy bird that is born to fly,
Even with a wounded wing, it will always try.
Don’t you try to capture that free little bird or you’ll make it die.

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