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The Last Metro
by Rupali Pangtey

She rushed to take the last available bus at late hours in the night and reached the metro station in an interval of ten minutes that would have otherwise taken twenty minutes if she would have followed the usual routine of walking from her office to the metro station.
The metro station was empty with not even a single soul at the platform. Silence echoed at the station only to be disturbed by a loud noise that came from the opposite direction of her sight that was towards the left . She gave a sigh of relief when the metro stopped and as she went in and seated herself not even a single soul was traceable.
The super speed by which it was going made her relieved bit by bit with the thought of reaching home early.While checking her mails on her cellphone she could sense something moving closer and by the corner of her eye she could see something black coming near slowly from her right. And when she looked towards that direction all that she saw was a man wearing a black raincoat , completely drenched in rain .
She gave a slight smile to him and continued looking at her cellphone . "Where are you heading to?" said the man. "Rehsulbagh." she replied as softly as possible.He nodded and moved to another corner. With the entire metro filled only with two ; silence had crept in . Slowly she looked towards the man whose back was faced towards her and looking at his drenched state, for a few minutes she was transported to Delhi , where she had spent her childhood days. ''Milli lets race and see who reaches that pole first" Kush would say to her and then they would race and like every time Kush would let Milli win the race because her losing the race would mean a puddle of tears.Both of them would dance on the terrace or would sit at Milli's tree-house and enjoy the rain.Its been twenty years she hasn’t met her first best friend.If only she could see him once.
''Resulbagh station." On hearing the announcement Milli woke up from her childhood flash back and made her way to the door . As she made her first step outside the compartment she glanced back and the metro was as empty as she had seen when she had entered it.
Looking through the old photographs of his childhood the drenched man now dry at his home said ''I miss you Milli, i miss those rainy days , i miss those races...."

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Rupali Pangtey


Delhi ,  INDIA

I am a normal , regular Indian student who is too lazyy to write about herself since i am usually busy observing others.

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