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An affair to remember,Bhopal.

"Deta raha taraash kar duniya ko mein khuda,mujhko uffak ke baad bhi rehbar nahi mila..."
This is BHOPAL,a selfless lover for you. A perfect partner for your love story. Founded by the king Bhoja somewhere around 11th century, still holds its glory like a shining armour. The modern story of bhopal starts from the dawn of 18th century,where Dost Mohammad Khan,an Afghani soldier received the territory of bhopal from the Gond queen Rani kamlapati in lieu of payment for mercenary services. The uniqueness of bhopal lies in the early 19th century,when it was ruled by BEGUMS. Sultan Jahan Begum was the last woman ruler,and after her death gave Bhopal in the hands of Hamidullah Khan,the last ruling Nawab of Bhopal.

In all these years,this city has transformed itself into a well developed place,but still it didn't lose it's culture and it's heritage. Many things changed with time,but one thing didn't lose it's importance and that is Bhojtal,formerly known as the Upper lake. Built by Raja bhoj,it is also considered as the largest artificial lake in Asia which stretches for 31.5 km,giving us a feel of a beautiful sea. Commonly known as the City of Lakes,the capital of madhya pradesh combines scenic beauty,historicity and urban planning. A charming legend relates how the queen would recline in a lotus barge and on moonlit nights,would drift across the lake. The two lakes of Bhopal still dominates the city,and are indeed its nucleus. Bordered along their shores stand silent sentinels that testify to the growth of a city. Along with mankind,Bhopal is also surrounded by the jungles of Samardha,Kathotiya and Ratapani. But the main centre of attraction is Van Vihar National park. Located at the heart of the city,it was declared a national park in 1980. Since then it has managed itself more likely a modern zoological park,where visitors are allowed through a road passing through the park to see this beautiful home for many herbivores and Avian Fauna. The animals such as tiger,lion, bear,snakes,etc., are kept in captivity in a system of kraal and enclosures in lines of modern concept of zoo management.

Some other places in Bhopal consists of Bharat Bhawan,Taj-Ul-Masajid,Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav sangrahlaya and many more. One of the most unique national institutes in India,Bharat Bhawan is a center for the performing and visual art. Designed by the renowned architect Charles Correa, the contours of bharat bhawan merge in exquisite harmony with the landscape creating a visual impact of spacious and national elegance. Also, Taj-Ul-Masajid said to be the largest mosque in the country,is famous for it's main hall with its inter-arched roof,broad facade, spacious courtyard and smooth marble floors.

The most fascinating thing about Bhopal is its food. Bhopali dishes are mild, less spicy and unique in taste. Bhopali food has a large variety of non vegetarian dishes,including bhopali Murgh Rezela, Paneer Rezala, Bhopali Gosht korma, Murgh hara masala rice, Murgh Nizami,etc. Bhopal is also known for its extensive culture of paan,the betel leaf topped with seasonings like chuna,kattha and supari (nut). Paan making is an art,which is perfected among the streets of Bhopal, a tradition passed down generations. But this isn't the real beauty of Bhopal. The beauty lies amongst the people who celebrate diwali and eid with equal pomp and nobility,the people who are living together for hundreds of years with love in their heart. Bhopali patiyebaaz (the local storytellers) are right,"Ek baar jisne Bhopal ka paani pee liya,woh Bhopal mai hi reh jata hai."

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