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Kudos Kudos for scrachmysoul & second issue of Blogger's Park

True to the spirit of , the magazine indeed touches the souls of the bloggers. The veteran blogger Shri Jugran's blog on his visit to Germany just before the 20th anniversary of the great wall falling and unification of Germany set the right tone . Pravir krishak told about the new features, which opens a new pathway to use SMS feature and enhance citizen journalism and send relevant findings to the service departments.
On suggestions of the participants, it was also agreed upon to provide feature of adding comments without registering and moderator ensuring that the comment is out of genuine concern and not deliberate out of prejudice. There were new participants for the Bloggers family. The concept originator Shri Ragav Chandra's passion and Pravir’s team effort is taking the site and the magazine ahead and bringing eminent socially sensitive citizens on the blogger’s platform.
Kudos for the spirit of citizen empowerment

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Leading Process Consultant & Business Strategy Planner.Ex Airforce Engineer.Qualification:BE from MANIT, Bhopal ,MTech from Thapar, Punjab. I worked as Director (Projects) in RKDF Group. The projects recently undertaken are a Community Radio Radio Popcorn, the first Community Radio of Bhopal. The second project is a family magazine Madhya Bharat. The third project is a portal I have a project centric mindset and I like to undertake new projects and my versatile experience is handy in project handling. Presently I am focusing on Research in e learning and completing my Masters Degree from NITTTR, Bhopal.

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