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The Great(?) Indian Education System

A middle class urban teenager is now tech savvy , has habits of mobile and is overconfident . Another boy from small town is less confident but sincere has poor language skills.
Both need mentoring.
There are no mentors in schools, parents are treated as constantly pestering individuals. The TV opera shows stuff which matures children fast and gives them different ideas and confuses them about " Real Life".
School or Institutions are places where children enjoy the company of other peers who are also sailing in the same boat, the learning is only for passing the exams and not for developing life skills.
The University students tend to get serious in the last year to be part of the REAL WORLD. At end of the Day:
NONE OF THE STAKE PLAYERS IS HAPPY. Students are on roads getting taste the experiences of real life. Parents are in problem as the money spent is not very fruitful. The faculty in institutions pass the blame on management.
And the Great Indian Education System continues increasing its size and influencing the masses ...........
In a conference the following was mentioned for 21st Century Learners
1. They feel learning is easy and requires no efforts
2.They feel access to information = acquisition of knowledge
3.They feel that like instant food, there is instant knowledge, instant skills, instant experience

The institutions have their own woos
The professional institutions crib about non availability of qualified faculty, lack of industry institutes interactions, mismatch between education received by graduates and job requirements.

The fact file of professional education is:
1.Non uniformity in geographical distribution of institutes causes regional imbalances and interstate migration of students
2.While admission capacity at UG level has been on the rise, corresponding growth at PG level has not taken place.
3.The funny part is the Academicians mindset of non acceptance of industry experienced professionals who ought to be given due credit to improve Education.

Quoting an example, in a premier institution directly under HRD Ministry also there is no system of credit transfers and if someone has cleared all theory at PG level and unable to finish thesis , there is no solution for a knowledge seeker and the excuses are time bar, syllabus change and so on and it is expected that the PG course is undertaken again. The Academic world is dominated by people with doctorates awarded 25 years back. It is a fact that, the curiosity of the researchers also dies as soon as the Thesis report is done and degree is awarded.
The Great Indian Education System needs changes to ensure that there is flexible learning, there is focus on skills development than making a data-warehouse brain.

In this wonderland of INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM with endless seminars and workshops on IT, why can't all the faculty have and they can upload their Grey matter to help the non IITians, non IIMs to learn basics from good faculty.
Why is the professor of IIT not professor of the nation through his own web portal or blog?
Talking about the huge private sector education sector, analysis reveals that academicians are hardly there in making of the institute and campuses and it is the management with business motives and inability of the government to have more government run institutes has given rise to growth of this sector, where there are more seats available than the number of students.
Private sector institutes keep enhancing their capacity and government run funded institutions do not enhance capacity in spite of having resources like land and faculty of repute.
Still, the fact remains that government run institutes are preferred .
The situation becomes grim when the established private institutes with repute charge heavy fees to meet their market centric growth dreams.
The curiosity of the faculty at government run institutes is around the funding they receive for research .
The IT nation needs content contributers for tapping the power of Internet because Indian mind is not in a habit to share experience compared to westerners who like to document and share their experience. All the stake holders in education the students, the faculty , the parents need to work on this.

As we unveil the great comedy show of Education, there are the honorable ministers who paint the scenario in such a manner that we see saffron shade, red shade and the secular shade. ALL SHADES BUT "NO SHADE OF RESPITE " for students and parents.
Coming back to the private sector, there is a great need to improve.
Just the way, the INABILITY of like minded people to come together and form a housing society , has given rise to the LAND MAFIA.
The INABILITY of people to share their Educational experience and find mutual ways to help each other has given rise to TUITION MAFIA, COLLEGE MAFIA.
The following may be tried
Parents should discuss with peer group parents who have gone through the torture of the great Indian Education System. It is a different journey for each family.
Probably we need many mentors, counselors and facilitators who draw the road-map for each knowledge seeker and such mentors have their own network to update themselves.
The education journey continues to drain people of of a great nation which had Nalanda and the system of Gurukul.
Still the point is that each knowledge seeker has great HOPE from the education sector which is full of experts , full of exams and colleges being added each year. Let us hope that the Policy makers SCRATCH THEIR SOULS to make this interesting sector meaningful.

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