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Naxalism is the Subject of the Hour

Naxalism is the Subject of the Hour

Yes! Today, Naxalism is the subject for the hour in the Parliament. It is high time a bill is introduced in the Parliament of the country to define Naxalism finally and recognising it as a potential national danger and chart out a stratagy not only to fight this menace but to destroy it as any country would do it to an enemy of the country.
It is high time that the political parties of the country did not indulge in shameless political observations on the problem which is no more a social and or political uprising but outright an outfit, even more dangerous than terrorism. This is an organised violent arm of a misconceived doctrine, which has already become obselete over the decades after it first surfaced some more than 6 decades ago to settle local social problems.
In its present form it has been hijacked by the established enemies of the country, who are making the latest weaponry available to the Naxalite cadres, to strike at the sinues of the nation and gradually spread over their influence and power in those areas. Sections of this dangerous outfit has degenerated into mindless killing squads, creating fear and establishing their unchallenged power in those regions. I am not going into the details of its objectives but the movement has no sensible or defined objective, but a doctrine of hatred and revenge, which too does not seem to be taking the movementin, if we can call it a movement, in its present form, to any social or political destination.

The Cure
The Naxal infested areas should be marked out clearly, militarily and cordoned off. Then with pincer attacks on their hideouts advance should be made, of course giving them a chance to surrender, otherwise the areas should be cleansed of the menace gradually without giving them any respite. Talking of any dialogue with them has lost its relevence and is therefore senseless and meaningless for they don’t have any agenda, which can be discussed in a civilised manner, but only death warrants for aimless and endless killings. It would be foolish not to realise Naxalism as a dangerous outfit, engaged in anti- national activities with sense of aimless and senseless masacres through barbaric and violent killings. They seem to have gone berserk and need a matching treatment to save the nation of any further damage.
The time of indulging in naïve and senseless political bickering, shouting, incriminating and putting the nation to ransom is over. The political parties have already deceived the nation for long. No more! Any more would be suicidal and jeopordise national security. The petty and hopelessly selfish politics have already ruined a national view of this anti-social, anti-national, war mongering, revenge seeking and dastardly inspired uprising, which has lost track and aim and simply killing has remained their revengeful ire. It is time our political parties gave up indulging in selfish pieces of broken political idiologies, which have already dealt many a damaging blows to this very volatile democratic nation. Please try to save this nation crying for help than to support their selfish electoral political priorties.
Hope good and national sense would prevail in Parliament!
Moti Mudgal

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After retiring as GM HR and Administration in a jiont sector organisation, I practiced as a Management Consultant for around two decades, I took up writing for social causes. After my several representations, Mr. P. Chidambaram the then FM introduced Senior Citizen.s Saving Scheme. I belong to Mt. Abu a beautiful hill station in Rajasthan.To save Mt Abu from systematic destruction by the opportunists, I took up the challenge and fought with the government for more than six years alone and finally with the help of the Central Minister for Forest and Environment I could get an Eco Sensitive Zone status for Mt. Abu, only second such declaration in the country.

I now write on various issues. I am 80 years old and celebrated our 60th Marriage Anniversary with my wife who is 76. I love to interact with people.


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