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Why Muslim Reservation?

Why Muslim Reservation?

Only the other day I heard Salman Khurshid, Minister for Minorities advocating reservation for the Muslims perhaps .purely for petty party interest for the coming elections. Muslims are already getting reservation under OBC quota. Recommending reservation on religious grounds is against the constitution of the country. How can a central minister recommend something against our constitution? And further Muslims constitute around 15% of the population of the country. On this basis, practically all other religious groups would come under Minorities and would become eligible for reservation. This is frivolous. A Muslim religious leader was also heard saying that Muslims are backward and reservation would help them. But the big question is as to why they are backward? Who is holding them back from development and joining the country’s main stream? All opportunities are equally available to them as any other citizen. But if their mindset refuses to adopt any change and they stick only to Madarsa and Dini talim and refuse to join the mainstream as all other small groups are doing on their own, talking of reservation is preposterous. Why should a section of a free country be given reservation only because they do not want to help themselves? They keep themselves segregated from the mainstream and want to live only on state largesse. This cannot help matters. Those of the community who have come out of the hold and believe in free enterprise are doing very well in the society. They are citizens of the largest democracy of the world in which everybody is guaranteed equal freedom, rights and opportunities, under its constitution. But if they refuse to work hard and compete for development like any other common person why should they want government support? And why should it be given? Nobody else is responsible for their backwardness? If they consistently refuse to go along with time and show no inclination to change like any other community and just want to remain glued to their past mode of life nobody can help them and nobody should come forward to help them anyway. Any assistance, any reservation and or any other protection and guarantee cannot change them unless they themselves show readiness to embrace the present world civilization, they are bound to remain backward and far behind in the race for development. In fact it is because of their adamant mindset that they are still even in the twenty first century cut off from other communities the world over. This has not only harmed them alone but also their coming generation. There are no Christian countries, no Buddhist countries no Hindu countries or countries named after the religion of its inhabitants, but why there are only Muslim countries called such all over the world? It is only because of their stock refusal to walk with time and be a partner in the development process like any other nation. It is high time that they realized this and shed their Muslim tag to become world citizens and members of the world community as its enlightened members and there would be no need for reservation.

Moti Mudgal

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After retiring as GM HR and Administration in a jiont sector organisation, I practiced as a Management Consultant for around two decades, I took up writing for social causes. After my several representations, Mr. P. Chidambaram the then FM introduced Senior Citizen.s Saving Scheme. I belong to Mt. Abu a beautiful hill station in Rajasthan.To save Mt Abu from systematic destruction by the opportunists, I took up the challenge and fought with the government for more than six years alone and finally with the help of the Central Minister for Forest and Environment I could get an Eco Sensitive Zone status for Mt. Abu, only second such declaration in the country.

I now write on various issues. I am 80 years old and celebrated our 60th Marriage Anniversary with my wife who is 76. I love to interact with people.


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