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Terrorists - Chance of ghar wapsi

Terrorist’s – chance of ghar wapsi
Attack near the British parliament by terrorists raises the same old questions regarding the aims and objectives of terrorist groups. Fundamental and clearly baffling query is what do they want? Still more perplexing is that the attacks mostly happen in democracies where the terrorist with their family are happily living earning livelihood without any problem. Few of them enjoying the same luxuries they loathe yet holding people enjoying them as against Islam’s teaching. Still more baffling are that majority of the terrorists originate from places in the Middle East where they are not allowed to open their mouth against the rulers of these countries. Pakistan another Muslim nation, believed to be the nursery of terrorists is actively engaged in perpetrating some of the most heinous crimes.
Most mysterious is the deafening silence of the conventional followers of Islam in the free world. Possibly this silent majority is against but because of fear of the fundamentals afraid to air them in public. Yet their silence is construed as collusion with their fundamentalist brethren’s resulting in a feeling of distrust raising questions regarding their nationalism. If this group decides to denounce the terrorists and their sympathizers refusing shelter in the society, the terrorists will soon find themselves isolated. Thus without firing a gun these out casts are likely to come back to the mainstream.
Yes they may have grievances, the society for a variety of reasons have not been able to provide proper education, equal job opportunities or a place of dignity in the society. They might have a perception of genuine wrong doing by the society leaders but imagine the kind of lives these people are forced to live, it is much worse than their own kith and kins.
The Prime Minister has very aptly asked the leaders of Muslim community to help the government in preventing these misguided youth from choosing a life in which there is no hope of dignified living. It is time they leave company of fundamentalists; listen to the Prime ministers assurances and return home to lead normal and honorable life.

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