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What needs to be done?

(Part three)
ISIS is a reality needing international community’s undivided attention, concerted action and collaborative effort under resolute leadership of united - nations. The world body must act today to contain the expanding base of the ISIS in the world. Although the base is still in the Middle East but the way it is expanding, using all modern available means, it is likely to entrench firmly in the rest of the world. It wants to achieve target of conquering nations from east to west and north to south to establish Caliphate. The good news is that even the Muslim majority states do not support ISIS, Syria with 21%, Nigeria 14%, Tunisia 13% and Senegal & Malaysia 11% each are among the highest percentage of support. Contrary to the popular belief only 8 % Pakistanis support ISIS however there are other extremist organisations operating in Pakistan including Al Qaida, JEM, LET and many the so called “good terrorists” with varying degree of following.
Armed with the knowledge that the ISIS consists of ultraconservative Wahhabi Sunni’s, our centre of attention reduces to this group who are likely to be radicalized, hence we focus our attention on them more than any other group. First and foremost the Muslim organisations and indeed all Muslim nations must immediately start condemning the ISIS publicly and subtly work within the community to bring back the misguided youth or those who have the potential to become radicalized. The religious leaders especially have the onerous task of preventive and curative action at the community level.
The ISIS and other extremist organizations interpret Koran which suits their own way of thinking, this must be condemned and correct interpretation issued on all conventional media of communication including social media. The ISIS uses social media to propagate their beliefs; before such hazardous propaganda pollute minds of our youth correct counter offensive should start from the coalition.
The governments and society must work to reduce causes leading to radicalization. Starting from education not the madrasa education only but all children must go to proper schools to get the education which will allow them to get jobs. It is well known that uneducated jobless youth are more likely to be radicalized.
There is no coalition against ISIS today, Americans, and Russians and more recently France and Britain have joined to bombard ISIS targets in Syria, which is haphazard and uncoordinated. America and Russia have different objectives, the former supporting the Syrian exiles fighting the Assad regimen, as against Russia who is pro Assad trying to defeat the rebel forces?
American eagerness to usher democracy in the Middle East is largely responsible for the massive unrest in Iraq and Libya whose strong men Saddam and Gaddafi have been killed. Americans want Assad to go hence openly supporting the rebels. But the Assad regime is emboldened by Russian support resulting in civil war in Syria. The Syrian unrest provides suitable climate for ISIS to spread its influence.
The ISIS has grown from the ashes of the internal conflict in Iraq and Syria unfortunately the strife continues unabated in both countries keeping the discontent thriving, giving ISIS the strength it needs to grow and expand. Although both the countries America and Russia are regularly bombing ISIS held areas. Innocent men, women and children are dyeing and their properties destroyed fuelling anger against the Americans and Russians. This is proving counterproductive resulting in increasing support to the ISIS and greater radicalization.
It is time America and Russia realize the futility of pounding ISIS held areas and join to form a greater coalition against ISIS and commit its ground forces to fight specific targets. The greater need to day is to weaken the ISIS economically, this can be achieved by persuading countries helping them refine and sell oil to stop all assistance. Turkey is the biggest culprit, openly alleging its president to be personally involved, assuming that their president is not personally involved but can easily be accused of turning his eyes away from the clandestine operation going on his country. The coalition must pressurize these countries to desist from helping ISIS, considering sanctions against the countries and organisations helping the ISIS.
Increase policing to stop smugglers from selling ISIS oil and preventing international arms dealers selling arms and ammunition to the ISIS.

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