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Withdrawl of army from J&K

Home minister PC Chidambaram’s call for a dialogue has once again thrown the separatists in the valley in to confusion. It appears the octogenarian Geelani, heading a section of all party hurriyat conference, is not willing to talk till the Indian government declares Kashmir as disputed area and starts withdrawing the forces from the valley. The other section led by omar faruk is willing to talk. The other political parties are presumed to be willing for a dialogue.
Geelani, I understand, has a large following in the J&K but his influence on the POK is not tested hence presumed to be none or at best very little. Let us consider his demand of withdrawal of armed forces from the valley. The government of India agrees to it and orders phased withdrawal. What will happen to the vacuum which will be created by it? Does gellani have powers to influence the Pakistani establishment not to invade Indian side of the state and withdraw from the POK to create pre 1947 position?
The answers to these questions Geelani himself will not be able to give. Therefore he should better climb down from the dreams, to stark reality existing on the ground in Jammu and Kashmir. The day Indian forces withdraw from the valley, Pakistani state actors in the garb of Kabailis will not waste time in invading the area, and resort to killing of men women and children, like they did in forty seven.
It is easy to talk from the comfort of your home Mr Geelani, please consider the plight of the poor Kashmiri. They should be your primary concern. As an elder statesman you should be able to influence the people of the state and its politicians. Discuss with the GOI all that you want for the people of Kashmir under the constitution of India. Negotiate hard for the betterment of scores of Kashmiri’s living in abject poverty. Please spare your thoughts for them and not for lofty ideals which nobody can give you.

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