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Yorkshire Dales in autumn

It is more common to visit Yorkshire dales in the summer but this time I came to England during autumn and decided to visit the Dales to see what changes have occurred. The most noticeable change was fewer people; this allowed us to move freely, watching the attractions without the fear of annoying some body, taking our own sweet time.
The other remarkable change was the color of leaves, instead of the usual green leaves they turned orange, yellow, pink and red turning the forest in to a beautiful multicolored mosaic. Even the weeds on the small hillocks changed color.
Yorkshire Dales - an amazing experience (Published in September 2015)
Yorkshire Dales (valleys) possibly are the greatest attraction of Yorkshire especially during summer in the UK. Their tempers vary from season to season or some times in the same season, ranging from wild and inhospitable, due to fast and furious gales, to gentle and serene breeze greeting the visitors.
It includes some of the finest limestone scenery in the UK, from escarpments and pathways to underground caves. Each 'dale' has its own distinct character with plants and flower filled hill tops.
Stone-built village’s rests in the traditional farming landscapes of stone built barns, dry stone walls and flower-rich grass fields. This gives an insight of the life style of people who lived and worked here for years.
Spectacular waterfalls and age-old broadleaved woodland along with remains of former mines and industries, reminds viewers of rich industrial heritage of the area.
Yorkshire people along with nature have created a special landscape of immense beauty and charisma. 20,000 people reside within the Yorkshire dales possessing just over 97% of the land. It is a wonderful blend of conservation needs and collective happiness, security and comfort of its residents.
Land of exquisite scenery, delightful wildlife, eternally welcoming communities and superb opportunities for recreation, the Yorkshire Dales National Park is the ideal destination for visitors looking for relaxation, it is a home away from home created by the proud Yorkshire men and women.

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