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Dada and IPL

Sourav Ganguli, the most successful cricket captain of India, was ignored by all teams in the auction held recently. There are many arguments for the disparaging behaviour shown to words our former captain. An Aussie conspiracy is doing rounds in the media, since majority of coaches of the IPL teams are Australians. A few however feel that he is too big and hot to handle, undoubtedly his stature is far larger hence require “handle with care” approach, resulting in the team management spending lot of time placating him and his ego.
The IPL Franchise has invested heavily to build a team revolving around youngsters, needed for the demanding format of the game. Therefore our aging cricketers will have to compete with the likes of Sourav Tiwari and their brand of cricket. The owners want return for their investment. In a result oriented, highly competitive format, emotions and past reputations take a back seat. Immediate form and performance with an assurance of continued accomplishments for the next three years are the basis for selection.
Dada should have read the writing on the wall and withdrawn himself from the auction like Kumble. An iconic player subjecting himself to auction, in my opinion is a self degrading step. Therefore he should blame himself for the humiliation. KKR co owner, Shahrukh Khan’s placating gesture that Dada should become involved with KKR in some form is too late; this should have been done well before the auction.

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