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The Tirade

I was jet-legged and tired and hungry when I landed John F. Kennedy airport in New York. Though I’m fond of good food especially the non-vegetarian fair, but due to my deep seeded religious beliefs, I can’t eat beef. And I was tutored that the most American meals contain beef or beef stock. My connecting flight to Boston was after two hours. So I decided to settle on a pack of biscuits and coffee.
My flight landed Boston on time and I came out carting my heavy luggage containing several woolen suits, sweaters, and everything to protect me from Boston-cold with essential text books and a stethoscope.
August in Boston is worst month of the year with heavy flakes of dark snow covering roads knee deep.
Coming out of Airport, I asked a cab to drop me at Cambridge. He looked at me in amusement by my demand. He enquired whether I was a student coming for first time to US. I nodded in yes.
The gentle cab driver told me that I will lose every penny in my pocket if dare to afford the cab to Cambridge. He suggested me to drop at the nearest railways station there I had to embark on a particular train that will drop me at the nearest station. After coming out of the said station, I will better take a tram that will drop me at the Cambridge- square from there I can walk to the HMS. Looking at the luggage and the physical toil I had to do, I cursed myself.

Harvard Medical School is a serene combination of red-brick buildings of Georgian style, surrounded by large old trees. The architecture is emphatically classical with bold colossal iconic columns and marble buildings. It’s so tranquil in snowing Cambridge from Harvard square, both sides of pavements covered with typical Boston dark snow flaks. Passing through the icy Cambridge streets to the Harvard square subway station, one can ride a local train to Park Street, from where change to a tram that will let you off two blocks from Harvard Medical School.
There were names of the new entrants in the residency program for the current semester on a notice board in the reception lobby with an advisory to contact the reception clerk with necessary documents. The reception clerk was a middle aged lady who casually flipped through my paper and handed me an already prepared large vanilla envelope containing necessary documents for hostel accommodation and ID card, with a rider that I was on from 8 PM on the duty to be sharp.
Exhausted by the long uninterrupted journey and jet-legged, I had no better words to thank her or my damn luck. A young man, turned out to be Bernard coincidently by name, my batch mate and roommate came forward to help me saying that he was expecting me since morning and having a small car to ferry my luggage. He too was the victim of Medical School atrocity by putting him on the same duty schedule. Exasperated, I pushed again myself in the grind of the system in anticipation of a rewarding medical career and poor to pathetic treatment of my physical self.
(Excerpts from "Confessions of Certified Idiot")
PS: Just now I'm focussing to complete this book, therefore a glimpse of it. Otherwise also, I don't see any topic stimulating my creative vision to write upon and I'm not much interested in current political scenerio of the coutry that is in utter confusion.

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