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Surgical Joint Replacement for Osteo-Arthritis is Outdated

I watched with surprised curiosity an advertisement on different channels on Television, in which an elderly woman speaks about comfort in movement and relief in pain while climbing the stairs of her house after her Osteo- Arthritis affected total knee replacement. I am sure, the advertisement must be sponsored by the makers of the prosthesis and may be by a coglomarate of Orthopaedic Surgeons in their last bid to sustain, in otherwise outdated therapeutic modality.
Those who have seen, even on television, Late President of India Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma or former Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee after their knee replacement surgery, must vouch for their inability to bend their knees while walking. In fact, they use to drag their feets. Chairs according to their heights had to be placed while sitting with support of some hands. But that was the available option for them at that time.
Today, the comprehensive cure of wide spread Osteo- Arthritis is available in teriparatide ( a rDNA origin molecule ; FORTEO, a patented molecule of Elli Lilly Inc. USA) that not only relieves from the pain and from restriction of movement, but restores the normal architecture of bone-matrix to last for the rest of the life. Cumulative cost of therapy is less than the cost a single joint replacement by surgical proceedure. It is simple to use and cures the entire bony structure of the body i.e., it repairs all the Osteoporotic/ Osteoarthritic joints including knees, hip joints, shoulders, even phalanges.
For mild cases of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis of one or two joints, hyalin ( again a patented molecule; SYNVISC-ONE by Zenzyme Inc. USA), a single shot therapy is available costing less than the cost of three months of pain - killers.
Both the therapies are US FDA approved after 12 years of cohort study on human subjects; available in India after proper approval of Central Drug Controller of India, through their selected doctors to protect the molecules from infamous cheap and ineffective cloning prevalent in India. These molecules are not available on drug counters. On prescription by the recognised doctor, these are delivered at the door - steps of the patient by the executive of the respective companies. And many a times, their Air- Fare & Accomodation in a starred Hotel is much more than the basic price of the product. When I asked the same as a question to GM of Elli Lilly in India, Gopal Agrawal, his reply was plainly commercial. They are investing in a future market and any profit is secondary just now.
P.S. : May I humbly request that it should not be taken as any product or personal advertisement. Since this information (the entire patho-physiological and therapeutic information is in hard bound couple of books) is not accessible to common practioners of medicine or surgery, it should please be taken in good faith from a friend who is incidently a permanent student of medicine.

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