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My Dream Car

My dream car is one of a kind,
One that will blow your mind
Cameras will replace rear view mirrors
Not at all the reason of terror
It will have solid gold tyres
With rockets fixed to reach higher and higher
Painted with pure liquid gold
Not like the cars that are very old
9420 horse power engine to hit the roads
Other cars are bumpy and jump like toads
It will have windows thbat are bullet-proof
Guns and armours not at all like a goof
My dream car is one of a kind
One that will SURELY blow your mind
- Angad Bhalla AGE:10 Delhi Public School Bhopal

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Angad Bhalla


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

Hello people,

I am Angad Bhalla- a class VII student at Delhi Public School, Bhopal. Hope you enjoy my blogs.
Happy reading!!!

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