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Fuel's future

Hail the mighty Arabians,
Minting money away,
While we instead of oil,
Use cow dung and hay.

Save petrol, what will we do,
When our kids grow up?
If this goes on (the economy)
Petrol will be Rs1000 a cup.

Instead of buying silver,
Or platinum or gold,
The jewls will be made of fuels,
Audi and Tata- will all go cold.

I want to become an automobile engineer,
I might have to rethink!
I'll maybe go into fuel research,
And invent a fuel that is pink.

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Angad Bhalla


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

Hello people,

I am Angad Bhalla- a class VII student at Delhi Public School, Bhopal. Hope you enjoy my blogs.
Happy reading!!!

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