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Angad Bhalla : Diary/Autobiography


Teenage days

Almost a teen, days are changing or should I say changin'- adolescent behavior, taste of music,food,movies etc. are changing. From Disney to Star World, from Sonu Nigam to Eminem and from The new Tom and Jerry to the new Fast and the Furious/Bond movie.
I face frequent remarks-'Yaar! tu Fb par nahi hai???' as if it is a sin. Although I too sometimes feel the urge to become a member but after seeing people becoming addicted to it-No thank you!. If for a couple of days,they don't check on their IDs, they feel like they will die.
Teenagers have fun- Get-together at the mall, and also are angry at the same time- get in brawls.
Distracted, angry,confused souls- the perfect description of teenagers. Frequent users of Youtube, some times Twitter and Facebook- always.

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Angad Bhalla


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

Hello people,

I am Angad Bhalla- a class VII student at Delhi Public School, Bhopal. Hope you enjoy my blogs.
Happy reading!!!

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