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What's killing Noor-us-Sabah?

First things first, I have never been a great fan of Noor us Sabah. But there was a time when Noor us Sabah served some terrific Chinese fare. But that’s history. Now when you go, they are always falling short of one or the other ingredients (an eternal reason for not being able to the ordered dish).

Keeping all our apprehensions behind us, we went to the greatly publicized Punjabi festival at Noor us Sabah last night. But as always Noor us Sabah didn’t fail to disappoint. This Welcome heritage hotel (which many have started doubting) has seen a swift slump in terms of hospitality, food and staff. Despite all their efforts the Punjabi festival lacked the warmth and hospitality which is so synonymous with Punjab. Even a tiniest of a Punjabi Dhaba would serve you dal makhani with a crisp tadoori roti lashed with ghee or butter of your choice. But here the rotis were soggy as if microwaved and the food was nothing close to what was expected. The grilled non veg stuff was not marinated nicely hence was bland inside.

The famous Punjabi dishes like Chana pindi, Sukhi Dal, khasta rotis, or the Paneer Dhuandar, Subz Goolar Kebabs. We went looking for the famous pakori chaat but it was also no where to be found. It would have been nice if the hotel management had taken some advice authentic road side dhaba of Punjab.

Someone please ring up the Paalwan di Hatti guys in Punjab to set up a dhaba here. It will save us from such gourmet disasters in the name of food festivals…

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