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As Albert Einstein once said-

Heroism on command,senseless violence and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them!

Ever Noticed that the word one itself is made by combining 3 alphabets in English,3 in Urdu,2 in Hindi,2 in Punjabi and 2 even in Marathi.
The word who's synonym is alone is made by combining several alphabets.

Group Polarization in India has got it in a situation no better than a tough of war which we all must have played plenty of times but never noticed its consequences.You must have actively participated in the division process but did You ever observed that even though its just a mere game but it does creates a feeling of polarization and enrages to put in the best of efforts to see the other one down even though they are connected to us directly or indirectly,forgetting its impact on the ones who have to bear this willingly or unwillingly.The ones standing behind the 2 poles no matter which side they are,which position they are occupying,have to face all the hardships and bear its side effects."As the smoke from burnt coal,keeps its sensation alive so does the scars of the struggle".Today the situation of India is just like this game in politics played by a bunch of people affecting the life of millions.How can we forget that It takes rice from Bengal,wheat from Punjab and cereals from U.P. to feed the country not just one state can do this job alone.It took sweat and blood of whole nation to make it what it is today.From the country which was known as 'the country of snake charmers' to the country which is now considered the next 'super power of the world'.

If we turn back the pages of history,wounds of the blunders done by politicians come alive, when a part of it was eluded from the body of this beautiful nation called India "The Land of Cultures".The Place where we are born and can die for whenever our country needs.It took years of struggle for Mahatma Gandhi to unite each and every citizen of each and every state of India.Our forgotten Heroes gave up their lives to unite us so that every citizen of India can be pronounced not just as Kashmiri, Bhopali, Bihari or Marathi but as Hindustani....An Indian.They gave up their life to give us this identity of 'An Indian'. Today when everyone is trying to move towards that dream they saw,of being an Independent United Nation.It hurts the country economically and most importantly it hurts every countrymen emotionally when another man pertaining an identity similar to him exploits him.Just because of conflicts between a few people entire country suffers.Are we intending to repeat The same mistake again?? The sadness and the depression our country went through during the partition of India and Pakistan can still be felt and Hasn't completely Been Cured yet.Was the damage and pain given by World War 1 to the world was not enough, that we had the World war 2??

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