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Afshan Tarannum Shirazi : UNCIVILIZED INDIAN – “MERI MARZI"


Uncivilized Indians

…………….Uncivilized Indians………………..

The moment I read today’s topic for blogging, “Uncivilized Indian’s”, I felt so elated and curious thinking that I will have ample of material to put in for the article, but instantly the next feeling that swept me was one of shame. I was so ashamed when I realized that one gets ample of material to put in when one writes some negative aspect of our country. But what to do, the truth is that when I sit and think of instances which illustrate the uncouth and uncivilized behavior of the Indians, I can recall thousands of such exemplary instances.

I cannot keep myself aloof when I talk of the uncultured or uncivilized behavior of the Indians because somehow, knowingly or in subconscious state, even I, do things which will be categorized in the uncivilized section. We are so badly caught up in the corrupt and hypo-critic society that either we do not take any action to bring about some revolution for the up gradation of living standard or we prevent others from doing so.

Even today when we clean our house and decide to throw away the accumulated thermacoal packing or plastic bags we just tend to dump it in the playground which is nearest to our house. But what to do? This is the second most convenient option . Second, because the first is to send away all the waste with the man employed to collect all the garbage, by the society. But what can one probably do if that man makes it a habit to come just once or twice a week though he is paid to come daily. We have fallen victims to his personal corruption. Even if I think of employing some other guy, it is not at all a fruitful option for I have tried it thrice with no variation in the outcome.

We very well know that using thin plastic bags is a very bad option and is not acceptable from the environment point of view. Yet we happily bring back vegetables from the market and each fruit or vegetable is always packed in separate plastic bags, and we don’t even refuse to take these bags.

The moment you step out of your house you can see hundreds of educated people spitting while they drive, they don’t even care if what they spit lands on someone else’s body or vehicle. What matters to them is “oonche log oonchi pasand…….”. Have you ever tried counting the number of packets of tobacco that you may get to encounter if you walk along the road.

We care about health and hygiene, only within the confines of our house. How many of us make it a point to throw the wrappers of chocolate or ice-cream only in the dust-bin? Even if you decide to throw them only in a bin, do we get any waste-bins along the road? Several times I kept back chocolate wrappers to throw in waste bins but the sorry-state-of-affairs is such that I could not locate any public bins for their disposal.

How many public sanitaries can we see in our surrounding or our city? Even if there are public sanitaries, are they from hygienic point of view, in a state that we can enter them? Sorry, but I wouldn’t enter any however urgent the nature’s call be. This is something that we all Indians should be ashamed of. Why don’t we fight for this cause? Why don’t we stand together and demand for such basic needs? All bandhs, hartals, strikes and burning of effigies are nothing but a political stunt. For how long we educated Indians won’t take any action and be dormant?

All this was something to do with the cleanliness or hygiene. Another thing which is a glaring example of the uncivilized approach of the Indians is the way in which we destroy public property. As it is, very few things are available as public property and all that is there, we do not even fail to destroy it. Hundreds of times I have seen boys aiming stones at street lights and fusing bulbs or breaking glasses. The destruction of the metro rail of Delhi is an example of the destructive mentality of Indians.

Roads are made after an interval of 10-15 years. But the very moment they are ready for use, there definitely would be an inauguration of a shop, or a birthday party, or a marriage reception and our great Indians won’t even think twice before they bore holes on the road for the erection of tents. My heart pains, to see the sight but I feel so helpless. What can be done when such things are done by the literate government gazette officers of our country?

Many a times you can see, the seat of your vehicle scratched with a blade or the name of someone inscribed with a stone on your brand new car. We don’t even hesitate in engraving our names on the historical monuments. They are our heritage but we don’t feel the pain because we do not pay for their maintenance directly. We Indians love to write a message on the historical monuments. Something like Raj loves Riya, etc. You may get to see tons of such examples.

Why don’t we feel the pain of destroying something? What kind of thought process do we have? What pleasure do we get by doing such things? Do we not hold ourselves as responsible, for what our country is today? I feel the motto of most of Indians has been, is and will be…..”Meri marzi”.
Uncivilized I believe is a lighter or a much low level word to describe us. The most appropriate word would be “inhuman”. Our destructive mentality goes beyond spoiling non-living things. I am a witness to severely and strictly inhuman acts right in front of my house. Kids of age group 5-12 years from the slum area near by, brought four puppies from somewhere. One week they kept torturing them. They would kick them, lift them by their tail. They did all sorts of heinous things you can imagine. When I would see them, I would shout at them, scold them, but it was like pouring water on duck’s back. Soon they would return and start the same things. Two of the puppies died after a week. I could not locate the body of the remaining two, so I believe they are still alive.
My heart was filled with self-loathing for I could do nothing for the puppies. But the question arises, how 5-6 years-- old kids are having such a cruel mentality? How did such criminality creep in, in their innocent minds? What are parents doing? What are we teaching them? Why my teaching them, could not change the way they think? Why couldn’t I counsel them? Why don’t they have something else to do, which is productive not only for them but for the country as well? What is going wrong? Are we deteriorating further as human beings? Have we been so uncivilized since the beginning or what is the matter????

Simply writing blogs wouldn’t help sir/ madam. It’s time we must do something at our level. We must form small communities and work at least one hour together daily, trying to civilize ourselves and others, in the process becoming more human. Adhere to the duty of keeping our surroundings, even outside our house and workplace, clean. Do not destroy public property. Stand against any and every form of corruption. Raise voice, stand together, work together and do not work under the influence of political parties. We have to work as Indians considering India as our home. The area beyond our residential boundary is also our responsibility. Kindly shoulder the responsibility properly , in a civilized manner.

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