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My life ain't easy!

When I ponder, I realise how full of challenges my life is. Highly unpredictable, full of surprises,both good and bad, a roller coaster ride. But glad that I live for my nation like a few others of my kind. I feel so proud and elated that 'he' matters so much to the nation and has the power to make a difference. To all my dear army wives out there who do not know if they will be with their husbands in the next station, who doubt the presence of their husbands not only for small moments like birthdays and anniversaries but something as magnanimous as the birth of their first child. It's all dark out here. You just can't guarantee what you would be doing the next day. We spend half a chunk of our lives living in mess, temporary accommodation and half of it without him. We are strong headed, educated, groomed and capable ladies yet mostly jobless because of the uncertainty of our existence in the civil society. And life with him, in the organisation is so positively demanding that you would prefer a jobless life or the equilibrium is at stake. Positively demanding because of the welfare it brings about. It's admirable.

Can any of you imagine, how it is to live with half of your household stuff, half in some trunk in the store, some of it in bubble wrap, the others inside the still packed sofas, yes you got it right, sofas...A lot can go in there.. Do you know what it is to pack a mini kitchen? We know it, by heart,what all makes a kaamchalau kitchen. Needs a lot of brainy exercise to work things out while packing and unpacking your entire grahasti. We are so adaptable, every couple of years we inhabit a new house and make it home in a couple of days. And mind you, don't expect him to be packing any stuff, hunh it's blasphemous. He wouldn't ever be available for such piddly issues because he has more important chores of the nation's security. How proud I am.

The fun part of this life, for us the mantra is work hard, party
harder . Just hit the floor. Lovely social evenings, happening ball parties, DJ on full boom, exquisite sarees, novel hairdo, elegant jewellery, beautiful ladies and yes games, lots of them, prizes, awesome ones, ladies meets and to top it all, theme parties. There's so much more to it. It's a different lifestyle all to gather. Believe me, with all the demands, this life has, it has lots of fun,lots of learning, lots of respect, lots of humility and to end it all, lots and lots of service of my nation...Our nation....


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