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Smita Shakargaye : Good Practices, Habits, Creativity, Improvements required etc.




I believe that India has a very bright future. Our youth armed with a high traditional value system and immense practical sense is more focused and aware of their surroundings. The World must take note that our over population is soon to be replaced by active human resource. Some don’t think so but being with the youth for the last 21 years, I have come to believe in them and their potential………….
We say they do not care.
They say, where’s the time to stand and stare?

We say they have laid tradition to rest.
They say, but we try our very best!

We say patriotism is now out of fashion.
They say, the country’s economic growth is our passion.

We say, they think only of monetary gain.
They say, Attitude changeth, we buy comfort with great pain.

We say they are casual, confused and irresponsible.
They say we are more coolheaded, analytical and practical

We say they are impatient and aggressive
They say we are focused and progressive

Only one thing is sure…….
Environmental degradation – they are aware
Global problems – to solve they dare
Scientific achievements – they share

It is just not fair
Let’s start believing in them…….
They do care.

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Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

life is short and it provides only a chance. Thus enjoy both the ups and downs of life. Struggles and strife double our joys, strenthen our spirits and enhance our faith in ourselves and in the Almighty.

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