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The Melancholic mien of life.

I believe in expressing emotions, situations. In this poem I have portrayed a situation which comes in everyone's life.Good situations are ample , off course I am talking about the melancholic one. It is a part of life some are mere while some are inexplicable .This poem depicts the feelings one feels when such situations harrow him.

When the days are cold,
Your life is on a hold
You are unable to think because of an awry perplexity,
You feel as if you are sold,
Sold to a situation where there is no control,
As if pinching you to remind you aren't now bold,
When isolation is you are in,
And the walls of the room seems to merge in,
You feel anxious,
You feel as if the life is in a repose,
But you are bent, you aren't broke,
You stand back to fight,
Because you want to hold your happiness tight,
You stand hard to face,
The problems, to make your life back on a pace.

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Arpan Verma


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

People say I am a reserved person. Well they are absolutely right , I am a reserved person. When I have my pen ,my notebook, and off course my laptop, nothing in this globe matters to me.Reading, well researching and writing, are the works I dote on the most. I write poems , with my propensity towards agony and tragedy genre to be more specific and articles which are the burning issues in the present scenario.

To be very honest, I express my thoughts, any thought which I feel is worth expressing.

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