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this morning

In high spirits after a sincere one hour walk , plank and push ups ... Nothing more to ask for ! Walked into the lift on the way to break fast and find a young kid with her mother. The kid was active and into non stop talking . She looked at the level indicator and started counting .. 24..23 ..22 .. Her young mother interfered "enough .. Pls stop".

Can I keep my mouth shut!!

"That's ok. Let her count"

got the reply "she always does that .. Gets boring"!

I couldn't resist saying "boring!! Could be to you but not to the kid"

We got talking and she asked "uncle which is your unit? Are there kids at home? I would know all the kids around"

I said " two grand daughters both in India "

I also added "but there is one kid here .... Only 64 years old ... Me!!!"

As she walked out of the lift she could not decide whether I was being funny or crazy !!!! Poor girl !!!!

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A corporate manager for over 40  years with an all round exposure. Have had the good fortune of great bosses who unfailingly took the risk of trying me out with  new functional responsibilities  that I was neither qualified to handle nor had any prior exposure. This served as an excellent opportunity for learning and  the exciting process continues even as I am ready to retire! 

 Have bid adieu to formal learning process long ago but the quest  continues.

"Human beings" interest me the most .. the curiosity at observing and learning from fellow beings appears to be a key  driver at this stage of life. Would like to spend the rest of the days in making a difference to them.

Other interests include gymming, music, etc..  

Blogging seems to be a god sent opportunity to laugh at oneself freely and without any pretensions. It also provides an excellent route to introspection albeit a bit loudly!

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