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Romance .. early in the morning

Early morning at 6.15 has its own aroma of the plants and flowers and the sound of little birds chirping joyously. Sun is yet to rise and is still shying to lift its veil. The weather is pleasant and the hints of a mild drizzle only add to the sensory bliss. I am busy packing my gym gear and looking forward to resuming aggressive weights training.

“Man …..” comes the call from the bed room in the most endearing and sweet voice. (well.. that’s how Malayalee woman typically addresses her husband). The husky tone of the voice was tempting enough for me to throw the gym bag away and run to the bed room. Does age matter in romance? Not at all, 65 years of age has only added a sense of maturity and sweetness to the romantic approach and aspirations 😊

Usha (my wife) was sitting in the bed and summoned me closer to her with a fluttering of the eyes that were sensuous enough to send me into raptures. I moved closer as she stood up. My pulse was already at its peak and I could feel the pounding in the heart.

I went closer and my eyes were closed. Not that I was shy but I had moved into another virtual zone imagining and anticipating the warmth of her lips brushing against my cheek. As I stood before her in an excited state of mind, I could relive the 41 year old experience when we were just married and were on to a honey moon trip.

“open your eyes please..” I could hear Usha telling me.

Oh! Although the dream of sensory touch of the lips was broken, I could swiftly slip into another experience of the five years of courtship before marriage when we would spend time in the Mumbai Juhu beach, trying to find an isolated spot where we would not be disturbed by the vendors and the prying eyes … just for the pleasure of peering into each other’s eyes and be drowned in that ecstasy.

“open your eyes .. are you still sleeping…?” that was Usha’s voice softly imploring me to open the eyes.

“let me see your eyes”

I was reassured now. Usha also perhaps in the same romantic mood as I and the pulse started to race again.

I opened my eyes and could see her looking in to my eyes closely and deeply.

“ok… you can go to the gym but no heavy weights. Don’t forget what your ophthalmic surgeon has told you. No high pressure exercise which can rupture the veins in the eye…”

I suddenly realised she was merely trying to restrain me from resuming the intense work outs in just two months after the eye surgery.

“thank you dear” I mumbled and walked away. The brief romantic mood was nonetheless heady and augurs well for the day ..

09 Nov 2017

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A corporate manager for over 40  years with an all round exposure. Have had the good fortune of great bosses who unfailingly took the risk of trying me out with  new functional responsibilities  that I was neither qualified to handle nor had any prior exposure. This served as an excellent opportunity for learning and  the exciting process continues even as I am ready to retire! 

 Have bid adieu to formal learning process long ago but the quest  continues.

"Human beings" interest me the most .. the curiosity at observing and learning from fellow beings appears to be a key  driver at this stage of life. Would like to spend the rest of the days in making a difference to them.

Other interests include gymming, music, etc..  

Blogging seems to be a god sent opportunity to laugh at oneself freely and without any pretensions. It also provides an excellent route to introspection albeit a bit loudly!

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