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Making a difference..

This is the story of a young boy, let us call him Krishna, about 15 years of age, and his father.

Krishna was quite timid and would easily get scared.

He also had language difficulty having just moved into Bombay from the south. He had severe problems in speaking or grasping Hindi and was slightly better in English.

One day he went out to buy a pack of cigarettes for his father. He simply handed over the few rupee notes he had been given, collected the cigarettes and returned home. His father asked him to give the balance and Krishna had none.

He did not know how to ask in Hindi the price and the balance and had therefore merely collected whatever he was given by the shopkeeper.

"You better go back and come back only when you get the change…." said his father..

Well..the boy had no option but to go back.. use whatever mix of tamil, English and Hindi he could mutter and get the change…Of course the big laughter that the shopkeeper gave complimentary was something he could not forget for long.

That was the beginning of his quest for mastering the language .He managed with Hindi but really excelled in English and his ability to express himself particularly in writing thereafter created an image for him wherever he worked.

There was another instance… those were the days of the hatred campaign that Shiv Sena had unleashed against the Madrasis typically called the lungiwallas. Any south Indian found on the Bombay street was at a threat.. he could be stripped and thrashed by the hooligans wearing the saffron head band. It was really risky to venture out.. but father was insistent that the boy go out on the street and go thru the hair cut at the saloon near the station about five minutes away from home. And he would have none of the excuses from Krishna … he had to take the journey across the road and return literally holding his panicky heart in his hand! That was a lesson for him to face an extremely adverse situation and difficult circumstances.

Such lessons continued as Krishna grew up. He completed his graduation and joined a bank as a clerk. He had an above average ability and was soon eligible to participate in the promotion process for the officer position. He had scored good marks in the written exam and had the basic qualifications including the CAIIB. He had now to clear the personal interview conducted by a panel of three GMs of the bank. He was of course facing the toughest process as a few thousand people were participating in the programme for a mere 50 positions and many of them were ahead just due to their longer period of service. He was sure he had no chance of success amidst the intense competition. And then, the interview panel was announced and seeing the composition, he knew he had the surest clue to succeed. A call from his father, a senior officer in RBI, would have got him thru any interview!

But his father would have none of it! He said " 22 you are too young to become a bank officer! You need to struggle a bit more and then move up…otherwise you will get used to luxuries too soon and will be corrupted!" There was no appeal once father had made a decision and Krishna could already visualize the failure in the promotion process and was mentally prepared for a wait of another five years for the next round.

He appeared for the interview with an almost reckless mindset.. after all, he was sure he would not get through. As he waited in the reception area, he saw Mukund Bhat walking into the interview room and he was next. His heart sank as he knew Mukund was a Cost Accountant and was reputed to be a thorough analyst. He saw his already slender chances of success dwindling further as he was certain he would not be able to emulate Mukund's performance.

Thus, after Mukund finished his stint lasting about 45 minutes, he walked into the room in a state of resignation and more as a ritual to complete a formality. The preliminary questions were quickly answered and then came the tough one.. "what do you know about the recommendations of Desai Committee?" His response was almost cheeky and could have offended the panel.."Sir, I have not heard of this report.. I am sure my boss also does not know about it…! Why not we discuss the Tandon Committee report?" The General Manager of the bank in charge of credit who was heading the panel was more than amused.. he was rather challenged. He could not let the boy go unpunished for the impertinence. The discussion that followed engaged the entire panel and lead to a threadbare analysis of the Tandon Committee report. Fortunately, our Krishna was good at this report and knew it inside out. The conversation lasted about 90 minutes and he walked out in an euphoric state certain that all of them had thoroughly enjoyed it.

The results were announced after about four weeks. He was not even bothered to check them smug in the certainty of his failure. Then he gets the call from his friend .."hey man .. you have made it.. your name is last in the list of fifty successful candidates but you have moved ahead of several hundred seniors!" The news was sweet and shocking. His immediate reaction was to call his father and let him know that he had made it with no help of recommendation from the old man. It was his victory! His triumphant almost mocking voice was greeted by a calm and serene response of his father.. "Congratulations… do you realize what you have achieved is entirely the result of your efforts…? Had I put in a word, the success would not have been as unblemished as it is now …you can now celebrate this achievement as your own success for ever…" Krishna was stunned - what his father said was true! There were tears in his eyes as he realized that what his father achieved was to enable him to put his best foot forward without any props or support! His success was beyond any corruption or compromise…the lesson for him was clear.. "do your best and never spare any effort .. be unmindful of the consequences… you will receive what you deserve.." He now realized the meaning of what it takes to be a self made man. That was the lesson of Bhagwat Gita for our Krishna.

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 Have bid adieu to formal learning process long ago but the quest  continues.

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