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Have I stopped writing?

It’s almost six weeks since I wrote my last article titled “I have stopped writing” and the taunting, teasing and challenging comment today on that article from a FB Writers' Group friend, “ .. lovely, lovely lovely to read you again. I can read on for ages about all things that you think you have stopped do ..” makes me wonder if I have really stopped writing! I pinch myself hard and wonder if I have lost my marbles! And, can I stop doing something that provides so much fun and spice to my life (and perhaps bring a smile or two to my readers)?

But the reality is also that I have not written for almost six weeks! That’s an obvious contradiction!

Naw there is no contradiction nor have I lost my marbles.. I realise I have stopped writing because I have found an alternative engagement that is more exciting and delightfully joyous. This new activity has filled me with so much excitement and fun that I seem to have become a child again; I can sense the same curiosity, thirst for learning and pursuit of new experiments. The tremendous sense of joy and eureka moments that I experience are out of this world when the activity leads to a result that is beyond my normal expectation!

I have started cooking seriously!

And, moving from a need based cooking for survival to cooking for joy is indeed a transformation. And the joy is maximised when the ultimate purpose of the experiment is to feed UG (my wife Usha Ganesh) who has been cooking for me for almost 38 years now!

The reality these days (believe it or not) is that UG is so busy with her FB and Whatsapp group conversations that she has the time only to throw a questioning glance at my direction with “what are you planning to cook today?” Am I punishing her? I guess not because her complaint these days is that she has added two kilos to her weight since I started to cook! Can’t I take that as a compliment?

The excitement is not confined to the moments when I am at the kitchen. The thought of preparing something tasty and lip smacking is so engaging that I am constantly seized by the thoughts of vegetables, spices and utensils! These days when I walk into the super market my quest is to locate the home ware section to see what new equipment can be acquired and I do not recall when I last visited the electronic gadgets section! My forays into the book shop invariably end with the purchase of several recipe books rather than on management practices! My purchase history on Amazon shows more cook books and pots than garments or footwear.

It is also amusing when the family cook Parshuram (who has beenwith us for almost fifteen years) mumbles “can you pls give me that recipe in Hindi so that I can reproduce it when you are not at home!”. And, UG even had the courage to invite for lunch thirty of her former colleagues from the school, all women, and asked me to prepare the food! They loved the carrot and orange soup and chana masala and almost dropped the plates when UG said “my Ganesh prepared the food”! The immediate and vociferous demand for recipe for the soup would have humbled any unruly class room!

Both the grand daughters who are notoriously demanding and troublesome with their food habits are quite insistent these days “we want the soup that grandpa makes..”

The challenge of trying out a new recipe is so exciting that the task of making gulab jamuns out of mawa (and not using the easy and ready mix stuff) did not restrain me and I actually followed it up with a malai kofta and gajjar halwa.

Bill Gates and Buffet have exited and have made way for Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal. Long live Dasanna of the web site "vegrecipesofindia" and namak shamak wala Harpal Singh Sokhi. How would I have enjoyed the project “feed my wife” without their constant support and guidance!!


14 Feb 2015

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 Have bid adieu to formal learning process long ago but the quest  continues.

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Blogging seems to be a god sent opportunity to laugh at oneself freely and without any pretensions. It also provides an excellent route to introspection albeit a bit loudly!

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