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Private messaging..........

Today, when I logged on to, I saw a new link in my profile. this link was “Private message”. I was little curious to know more about this as I usually delete any such data when ever I receive it on mail.. However, when I checked it, I found it very sly and useful.

It is a cleverly devised service to send messages, as it cannot be read by any members except for the person it was sent to. It gives me the liberty to share my personal thoughts with people important to me, strengthening bonds and relationships. It helped to keep track of threaded conversations and replies as well.
It also helps to voice objections and doubts, and comment on blogs, without hurting feelings as it cannot be seen by any one but the receiver.

If you want to use it, then you just log on to , and you will see a private message link in your profile. Just click it and start inviting people you wish to connect with…

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