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If Utter Pradesh was a nation it would have been the fifth largest nation in the world with matching population. Mayawati once got a resolution passed to divide UP in three states. Of course she is quiet now. Same with the BJP which earlier wanted state to be divided. In simple words UP is an ungovernable state needing its division in three or four states to function?
Prof Ashish Bose three decades back named states of Bihar, UP, Rajasthan and MP as BIMARU states. Out of these four states three states, namely MP, Rajasthan and Bihar have left this tag far back with substantial development in agriculture, law and order and other parameters but not UP. UP stands where it was three decades back. It remains terribly BIMAR. Agriculture is sluggish, industry is stagnant, health and education sectors are in shambles and law and order does not exist. So desperate are the citizens of UP in job market that those with PhD are applying for peons job.
Reason UP is so badly governed because first. It remains trapped in Identity politics even in this twenty first century. In this state politicians are elected not because of their efficiency and services they can provide but by their caste and the religion they belong to. Political leaders in UP have encouraged this narrow framing of elections and democracy itself. No political party has moved away from identity politics to issues of governance. Akhlesh yadav projection of himself as Vikas purush is too little too late and not convincing.BJP started its UP campaign on development plank but off late they have reverted back to Hindu-Muslim polarisation. Mayawati in any case from day one of her election campaign is harping on Dalit-Muslim combination.
Second reason for UP to be perennial BIMARU STSTE IS BECAUES OF ITS SIZE. It must be divided into three or four entities which are self governing. Are the politicians listening? Most unlikely. It is the people of UP who will have to rise from their slumber because netas will do nothing.

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After having retired from the very senior Rank of Brigadier in the Indian Army in 1997, which includes fighting both the INDO -PAK WARS OF 1965 and 1971,i have been a Journalist Free Lance.I write both in English and Hindi Media.My more than 3500 articles have been published till date in various National and Regional newspapers and Magazines.My book PAKISTAN ME UDDDAH KAID KE WOH DIN published by Rajkamal Prakashan New Delhi has been quite a best seller.

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