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It was the new American president Donald trump who decided to ring up Taiwan President immediately after taking over making him uncomfortable because it would annoy china and as expected this call brought china to boil as it was against American accepted one china policy of 44 yrs. At that time on china getting angry Trump had said he could not care less. However he has climbed down now and himself rang up Chinese president xi Ping .reportedly this communication was very cordial.
There should be no doubt that this trump back down will further embolden china to take tougher line on US. Recent encounter between a US Reece aircraft over South China Sea with Chinese navy patrol fighters is case in point. China will continue to harass US if not directly confront America in South China Sea and the seven islands it has built for itself. recent statement by US defence secretary that China will not be allowed to threaten other South China sea users by medium of these islands have fallen on deaf years in China.
China is giving generous aid to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. With Philippines China had serious differences on claims of islands in South China Sea. However all these states which were pro US earlier are showing clear signs of tilting towards China. Even Vietnam which was till now defying China is now reconsidering its policy towards china.
Japan for which Trump use to say in his election campaign that it is biggest parasite and why should America guarantee its safety and defence, if necessary Japan should develop its own defences including nuclear defence, now same Trump is hosting Japanese PM Abe in Washington and telling the whole world that how close US-Japan relations are and US will continue safeguarding Japans sovereignty.
Now North Korea has fired a ballistic missile against warning from US. China the mentor country of North Korea has washed its hands from this firing saying that this has happened because of American warning. It will be interesting to see what Trump does. Probably nothing except raising the issue in UN. All these actions of the new American president Trump is gradually leading world to believe that he is more of a paper tiger.

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After having retired from the very senior Rank of Brigadier in the Indian Army in 1997, which includes fighting both the INDO -PAK WARS OF 1965 and 1971,i have been a Journalist Free Lance.I write both in English and Hindi Media.My more than 3500 articles have been published till date in various National and Regional newspapers and Magazines.My book PAKISTAN ME UDDDAH KAID KE WOH DIN published by Rajkamal Prakashan New Delhi has been quite a best seller.

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