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Till now it was just China, Russia and Pakistan which were discussing and deciding things on Afghanistan. Even Afghanistan was not included. However after hue and cry from Afghanistan and protest from India much against Pakistani designs India has been included in this forum along with Iran and Afghanistan. This has eased out the advantage Pakistan had in league with China. In addition Indian proposal has been accepted that the talks in Afghanistan with Taliban will be Afghan driven which should have been the right approach from the first day. It needs to be remembered that after the American attack on Taliban in 2001 in Afghanistan then ruled by them, Taliban leadership which was dethroned by US was quietly accommodated by Pakistan in its Baluchistan province in the safe houses around Quetta.
Pakistan has been playing the game of good Taliban and the bad Taliban for quite some time now. Good Taliban is afghan Taliban led by mullah Omar. Pakistan wants to install good Taliban back in power in Afghanistan as its puppet regime so that tomorrow in the event of war with India it will get strategic depth in Afghanistan. Pakistan has almost convinced America on this proposal of good and bad Taliban but for their bad luck Afghanistan intelligence leaked the news that Mullah Omar had died two years back, a fact hidden by Pakistan. Bad Taliban is Tehrik-e-Taliban (TPP) Pakistan which is made of Pakistani pushtuns and which wants Sharia laws to be imposed in Pakistan.TPP is at war with Pakistan. Its current leader is mullah fazalullah or Mullah Radio because he is fond of his sermons broadcasted on radio. Its main base in Pakistani tribal areas. Talks for the talks sake is ok but under no circum stances India should in conjunction with Russia, Afghanistan, Iran agree to Afghan Taliban sharing power in Afghanistan. If that happens then it will be just matter of time before power will be back in the hands of Afghan Taliban.

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After having retired from the very senior Rank of Brigadier in the Indian Army in 1997, which includes fighting both the INDO -PAK WARS OF 1965 and 1971,i have been a Journalist Free Lance.I write both in English and Hindi Media.My more than 3500 articles have been published till date in various National and Regional newspapers and Magazines.My book PAKISTAN ME UDDDAH KAID KE WOH DIN published by Rajkamal Prakashan New Delhi has been quite a best seller.

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