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LOVE.......LOVE......... LOVE....

Today you will find plenty of Lovers walking around with either a RED ROSE or some gift in their hand for their partner.but when all this is happening around me i still can't under stand what they all mean by "love",is it going around with a partner in a parlour to have an ice cream in his expense?or is it that you get some costly gifts that you cannot even dream of to get from your parents? or is it to have a partner who is rich enough/good looking? i feel that for today's generation love is a fun or timepass during their education period .They just enter into a contract "this relation exists only till the completion of our course"after that good bye....
what for do they enter into such relations,have anybody thought about that?we just blame the kids for what they have done.some of us will just excuse them saying that "it is their age ,that makes them do such things".Lack of attention and care from there dear ones pushes them into these traps.when a child , male/female gets an attention from somebody outside, let it be a stranger, a classmate or,anyone for that matter,their heart tend to move that way,gruadually leading to relationships.Love from the dear ones specifically,father and mother,will help them to abstain from all such relationships since they get the pure form of love from their parents. They will be matured enough to distinguish between good and bad forms of love .Dear parents however busy you are ,you can spare a little time for your children, atleast over phone,to avoid them from getting driven into a nasty ocean by this world from which they struggle very hard to come out .I don't want our children to get misled in the name of the very sanctified feeling called" LOVE"
This doesn't mean that i'm against love."Love " ofcourse is a precious feeling that you get when you see that special person in your life, irrespective of any factors that are mentioned above,caste, money,social standards etc etc.......No conditions are set for real love and that would be never get bored with your partner.if that is the case i shall wish you all a "VERY VERY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.........FOR ALL THE LOVERS WHO FIND THAT THEIR LOVE IS DIVINE....................krishnaa

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